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SSC MTS 2016 - 17 Exam Questions Asked on 18th September 2017


SSC MTS 2016 - 17 Exam Question Paper 18th September 2017

Hello Friends,

In this article we are sharing some of the general knowledge questions that asked in the Staff selection commission multitasking exam 18th September 2017.

There are also available two questions from Math subject, Based on memory and candidates presence in the exam hall.

ssc mts question paper 2017 pdf

"If you have any more questions, Then share it with QuizNotes.in Team on this E-Mail : quiznotes.in@gmail.com so we can provide complete answer key before the officials release., We will share completions of all SSC MTS 2017 Question paper on this page, So you can bookmark this page."

These questions is memory based and shared by the candidates who appeared in the exam hall.

Still tuned with this page to get stay update from the latest update about SSC MTS tests. Here we are providing General knowledge questions.

SSC MTS 2017 GK Questions Asked on 18th September

1. Who was the son of Bindusara?
2. Which is the nearest star to earth?
3. Salt Satyagraha ended at?
4. Which is the world’s first organic country?

5. "Freedom of speech" comes under which fundamental right?
Right to Freedom Article -19
6. Which metal is used  as reducing agent to weld rail tracks joints?
7. Book Geetanjali written by Rabinder Nath Tagore was the set of?
Poe ms
8. Which of the following comes under primary sector?
9. The number of players in basketball?
10. Which is the most abundant metal in the Universe?
11. One was related to Bharat Ratna.

12. Question on Mudra Yojana.

13. One question about Raman effect

SSC MTS 18 Sept Math Questions:

 MATHS Questions Asked:

  • 1^3+2^3+3^3+4^3+...........10^3=?
  • If the side of the equilateral triangle is equal to the diagonal of the square and the side of the equilateral triangle 12 c.m, find the area of ​​the equilateral triangle.

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