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Current Affairs One Liner January 2017 4th Week (22 to 31 Jan) PDF Download

Current Affairs One Liner January 2017 4th Week (22 to 31 Jan) PDF Download
Current Affairs One Liner January 2017 4th Week

Hi Friends, How were our current affairs capsule, Plz Tell us in below given comment box, It will encourage us to improve our services so better. Now in this post we are updating January 2017 Last Week (4th Week) Current Affairs Questions and Answers, You may read online here on this page, Other wise below complete download file link available, You may download it as PDF format.

January 2017 Last Ten Days GK One Liner is prepared Now and we are sharing it with you.

January 2017, 4th Week Current Affairs (22 Jan to 31 Jan)
Sr No Questions/Answers
Q−1 Where is the Competition Commission of India headquartered?
Ans: ✓ New Delhi
Q−2 Which Indian state has been ranked as the best performing state in India in terms of education as per the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2016?
Ans: ✓ Himachal Pradesh
Q−3 Who will be the head of the Special Task Force reconstituted on January 20, 2017 for the safety of women in Delhi?
Ans: ✓ Anil Baijal
Q−4 The Union Cabinet on January 22, 2017 formed a committee to frame uniform rules for proper implementation of which of the following Act by the states?
Ans: ✓ Rights of Persons with Disabilities (RPD) Act
Q−5 Where was the Combined Commanders Conference held on January 21, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Q−6 Which country has come forward to help Indian Railways to increase the speed of its passenger trains to 200 km per hour?
Ans: ✓ Russia
Q−7 Naqsh Lyallpuri who died on January 22, 2017 at the age of 88 was a renowned_________.
Ans: ✓ Lyricist
Q−8 Which bank has inked an MoU with the dairy firm Kwality Ltd  on January 20, 2017 to provide Rs. 4000 crore loans to one lakh farmers?
Ans: ✓ Bank of Baroda
Q−9 Which bank has launched a contactless credit card facility Wave N Pay on January 21, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Punjab National Bank
Q−10 Which company has been named as the World’s Most Innovative Company of 2016 as per a report by BCG (Boston Consulting Group)?
Ans: ✓ Apple
Q−11 10.Which state has been listed in Guinness World Records on January 21, 2017 by creating a world record of singing National Anthem by over 3.5 lakh people together?
Ans: ✓ Gujarat
Q−12 Which aerospace research team has proposed an initiative to offer an opportunity to public to get their name plate on the Moon at a cost of Rs. 500?
Ans: ✓ TeamIndus
Q−13 What was the theme of the 47th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 held in Davos?
Ans: ✓ Responsive and Responsible Leadership
Q−14 Who has been sworn in as 48th vice president of the United States on January 20, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Mike Pence
Q−15 Where was the three days 2017 Arogya Mitra Conference held?
Ans: ✓ Assam
Q−16 Who has won the under-18 boys DKS ITF Juniors title 2017?
Ans: ✓ Dhruv Sunish
Q−17 What is the name of the 31st stealth warship commissioned by Chinese Navy on January 22, 2017.
Ans: ✓ CNS Ezhou
Q−18 Who has been appointed as the head of Himachal Pradesh Olympic Association (HPOA) for a four-year term on January 21, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Anurag Thakur
Q−19 Who is the winner of the 2017 Malaysia Masters Grand Prix Gold women’s single title?
Ans: ✓ Saina Nehwal
Q−20 CCI has approved the merger of MakeMyTrip with which other online travel firm on January 20, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Ibibo Group.
Q−21 India celebrated ______ birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on 23 January 2017.
Ans: ✓ 120
Q−22 Who has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the transportation app Ola on January 23, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Vishal Kaul
Q−23 Who has been accredited as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Burkina Faso, with residence in Accra?
Ans: ✓ Birender Singh Yadav
Q−24 Which telecom company has signed an MoU with the West Bengal government on January 23, 2017 to invest Rs 3,000 crore for capacity augmentation and new business initiatives over next three years?
Ans: ✓ Vodafone India
Q−25 Name the express train that derailed on January 21, 2017 in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh?
Ans: ✓ Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express
Q−26 How much amount has been allocated to the education sector in the annual budget 2017-18 of Jharkhand?
Ans: ✓ Rs. 10,000 crore
Q−27 Which Indian actress has been named to be among the jury panel of the 65th Miss Universe Pageant to be held on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Sushmita Sen
Q−28 What is the total outlay of the annual budget 2017-18 of the state Jharkhand as presented by the Jharkhand Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das  on January 23, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Rs 75,673.42 crore
Q−29 Which country has approved a constitutional reform on January 21, 2017 to introduce presidential rule to strengthen the powers of the presidency paving way for referendum on the issue by the public ?
Ans: ✓ Turkey
Q−30 The Reserve bank of India has announced the restructuring of _________ loan will not be treated as Non Performing Asset.
Ans: ✓ Education Loan
Q−31 Universal Rail Mill has been inaugurated in which of the following steel plants on January 23, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Bhilai Steel Plant, Chhattisgarh
Q−32 Which cricket player has scored the fastest 1000 runs as ODI captain?
Ans: ✓ Virat Kohli
Q−33 The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) committee formed by the government to review FRBM Act submitted its report to Finance Minister on January 23, 2017. Who is the head of the committee?
Ans: ✓ Shri N.K. Singh
Q−34 Which state has introduced the first of its kind initiative on January 22, 2017 to electronically transmit postal ballot to service voters for the assembly elections 2017?
Ans: ✓ Goa
Q−35 Which airport has won the 2016 Golden Peacock Award on January 20, 2017 for Corporate Social Responsibility under the aviation category?
Ans: ✓ Delhi International Airport
Q−36 The Jallikattu Bill passed by Tamil Nadu assembly on January 23, 2017 seeks to amend which law?
Ans: ✓ Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960
Q−37 A special stamp cover titled “Golden girls of India – Pride of Nation” released by the Indian Postal Department on January 21, 2017 features which Indian sports players?
Ans: ✓ Dipa Karmakar
Q−38 Which country has launched a 10-year-plan on January 22, 2017 to reduce its dependence on India for vegetable imports?
Ans: ✓ Nepal
Q−39 Who is the winner of the Under-19 Cooch Behar Trophy for the session 2016-17?
Ans: ✓ Bengal
Q−40 Which among the given banks started operating as a Small Finance Bank on January 23, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Utkarsh Micro Finance (Varanasi)
Q−41 Who is the winner of the seventh Snookers Masters title held at Alexandra Palace in London on January 22, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Ronnie O’Sullivan
Q−42 When is the National Girl Child day celebrated?
Ans: ✓ 24-Jan
Q−43 India has partnered with which country to launch a project to tackle the air pollution level in Delhi and deal with the health problems associated with it?
Ans: ✓ Britain
Q−44 What is the name of the theatre on demand service launched by the multiplex chain operator PVR on January 20, 2017?
Ans: ✓ VKAAO
Q−45 Which ministry has launched the Rubber Soil Information System (RubSIS) on January 23, 2017 to enhance the productivity of rubber with reduced cost of production?
Ans: ✓ Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Q−46 Who has been named the new director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on January 23, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Mike Pompeo
Q−47 Who has been sworn in as the chairman of the Eastern India Regional Council of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) taking the office from January 19, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Siddhartha Murarka
Q−48 Who has been named as the brand ambassador of the Kings XI Punjab team for the 10th edition of the Indian Premier League?
Ans: ✓ Virender Sehwag
Q−49 The Election Commission gave the green signal to the government on January 24, 2017 to present the Union Budget on _______ ahead of the assembly polls in 5 states of the country.
Ans: ✓ 1-Feb
Q−50 Who has been appointed as the director of United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), New Delhi on January 20, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Derk Segaar
Q−51 The CMs committee on Digital Payments submitted the interim report to PM Modi on January 24, 2017. Who is the head of the committee?
Ans: ✓ Chandra Babu Naidu
Q−52 Who has been awarded the first Hugo Chavez Prize for Peace and Sovereignty on January 18, 2017 by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro?
Ans: ✓ Vladimir Putin
Q−53 Which state has launched the “Chief Minister’s Award” on January 22, 2017 to reward the best performing district of the state in digital transaction?
Ans: ✓ Assam
Q−54 Start-Up incubator T-Hub has collaborated with which company on January 23, 2017 to launch GIS Innovation Hub for start-ups belonging to the capital Hyderabad?
Ans: ✓ Esri India
Q−55 The Union Ministry of Steel launched a Draft National Steel Policy 2017 to reduce dependence on import and boost domestic production. What is the total cost of implementing the project?
Ans: ✓ Rs 10 lakh crore
Q−56 Against which disease, the Supreme Court has directed the government on January 23, 2017 to adopt daily dosage drug instead of thrice a week dosage practice?
Ans: ✓ Tuberculosis (TB)
Q−57 What does ITPO stands for?
Ans: ✓ India Trade Promotion Organisation
Q−58 The Union cabinet on January 24, 2017 approved the proposal of ITPO for the redevelopment of Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. What is the total cost of the project?
Ans: ✓ Rs. 2254 crore
Q−59 What is the total production capacity of the world’s biggest solar farm, Longyangxia Dam Solar Park, developed by China?
Ans: ✓ 850 MW
Q−60 The BCSBI has launched an initiative to organise “Know Your Rights” programme across the nation to create awareness on Banking Codes at the grassroot level among the people. Expand BCSBI.
Ans: ✓ Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
Q−61 Under the Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017, approved by the government on January 24, 2017, a guaranteed rate of return of ______ per annum would be provided for a period of ten years.
Ans: ✓ 8 Percent
Q−62 The responsibility to advise the government on better utilization of proceeds from disinvestment in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) has been transferred from the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) to which department?
Ans: ✓ Department of Economic Affairs
Q−63 How many female umpires have been inducted in the group of nine umpires that would conduct the ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier 2017 in February 2017 in Colombo?
Ans: ✓ Four
Q−64 What was the theme of the 2017 National Voters Day?
Ans: ✓ Empowering Young & Future Voters
Q−65 The first edition of the Indian Women’s League (IWL) would be held in which stadium from January 28 to February 14 2017?
Ans: ✓ Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi
Q−66 Scientists from which organization has discovered that cooking starchy food for longer duration at high temperature develops chemical Acrylamide leading to Cancer?
Ans: ✓ Food Standards Agency(FSA)
Q−67 The Beat Marshall Monitoring Mobile App has been launched by the police department of which city to monitor the location of the patrolling team?
Ans: ✓ Pune
Q−68 What is the name of the nuclear capable radar evading missile that was successfully test fired by Pakistan on January 24, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Ababeel
Q−69 Japan successfully launched the Military Satellite _________ on January 24, 2017 to provide high speed network to country’s defence forces.
Ans: ✓ Kirameki-2
Q−70 The NTPC award 2015-16 has been awarded to which organisation?
Ans: ✓ Damodar Valley Corporation
Q−71 Who has been named as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations on January 24, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Nikki Haley
Q−72 Name the Indian women business leader who has been felicitated by the New York based Metropolitan Museum of Art on January 24, 2017 for her philanthropic work.
Ans: ✓ Nita Ambani
Q−73 Who has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of Mauritius on January 23, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Pravind Jugnauth
Q−74 Who has been named for the 2017 Padma Vibhushan award in the field of Art and Music?
Ans: ✓ Shri K J Yesudas
Q−75 Who has been sworn in as the Chairman of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by United States President Donald Trump on January 23, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Ajit Pai
Q−76 Padma Shri award winner Sakshi Malik belongs to which sports category?
Ans: ✓ Wrestling
Q−77 The Boeing India Engineering & Technology Center (BIETC) has been inaugurated in which Indian city on January 24, 2017
Ans: ✓ Bengaluru
Q−78 Which country issued its first Green Bonds with a record sale of USD 7.5 billion on January 24, 2017?
Ans: ✓ France
Q−79 The Union Cabinet on January 24, 2017 gave ex post facto approval permitting NABARD to raise approx how much amount from the market for on-lending to Cooperative Banks.
Ans: ✓ Rs.20000
Q−80 With which country, India signed a White Shipping Agreement on January 19, 2017 in New Delhi on sharing maritime information in Indian Ocean Region (IOR)?
Ans: ✓ France
Q−81 Russia, Turkey and _______ have signed an accord on January 24, 2017 to jointly monitor the fragile cease-fire between the Syrian regime and rebels and find solution to end up 6 year old conflict.
Ans: ✓ Iran
Q−82 At which of the following international border the foundation stone of the Integrated Check-Post (ICP) was laid by Kiren Rijiju on January 24, 2017?
Ans: ✓ India-Bangladesh International Borders, Meghalaya
Q−83 Who inaugurated the national festival Bharat Prav on the occasion of Republic Day celebration on January 26, 2017 at Red Fort in New Delhi?
Ans: ✓ Dr. Mahesh Sharma
Q−84 Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building located in which country?
Ans: ✓ United Arab Emirates
Q−85 Which Central University in India became the first University of the country to get a monumental flag installed on January 25, 2017?
Ans: ✓ University of Delhi
Q−86 What was the theme of the 68th Republic Day celebrated on January 26, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Skill India and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
Q−87 Alexander Kadakin who died on January 26, 2017 was an embassy to India from which country?
Ans: ✓ Russia
Q−88 Who has been conferred with the Ashok Chakra on January 26, 2017 by President Pranab Mukherjee?
Ans: ✓ Havaldar Hangpan Dada
Q−89 Mary Tyler Moore who died on January 25, 2017 was a renowned personality of which field?
Ans: ✓ Acting
Q−90 Recently Usain Bolt lost one of his Gold Olympic Medal due to positive doping of his which teammate in the 4x100m relay event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
Ans: ✓ Nesta Carter
Q−91 Which Japanese sumo wrestler was on January 25, 2017 recognized with the highest sports honour, yokozuna after 19 years?
Ans: ✓ Kisenosato Yutaka
Q−92 Who won the 2017 Manisha National Billiards and Snooker Championship on January 24, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Pankaj Advani
Q−93 The world’s biggest pharmaceutical firm Johnson & Johnson on January 26, 2017 agreed to acquire bio-pharmaceutical firm Actelion for what amount?
Ans: ✓ $ 30 billion
Q−94 Who has been appointed as the special assistant to the President on ethics and compliance matters by US President Donald Trump on January 26, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Uttam Dhillon
Q−95 How many people have been named by the President of India on January 25, 2017 to be conferred the Jeevan Raksha Padak Series of Awards 2016?
Ans: ✓ 36
Q−96 The Luxury Travel Times is a mobile based social luxury travel magazine launched by which online travel portal?
Ans: ✓ MakeMyTrip
Q−97 At which place in Russia, the finals of 2018 FIFA World Cup to be hosted?
Ans: ✓ Moscow Kremlin
Q−98 The US President Donald Trump on January 25, 2017 signed an executive order for construction of 2,000-mile wall along the border of which country?
Ans: ✓ Mexico
Q−99 Which state has launched a special scheme ‘Dulari Kanya’ on January 26, 2017 to check infant mortality in the state?
Ans: ✓ Arunachal Pradesh
Q−100 What is the name of the IT project e-Health Kerala, launched by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on January 25, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Jeevan Rekha
Q−101 India’s first Post Office Passport Seva Kendras (POPSK)  has been inaugurated in which city on January 25, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Mysuru
Q−102 The National Action Plan for Children, 2016 (NPAC) has been developed by which Ministry?
Ans: ✓ Ministry of Women & Child Development
Q−103 Which state has announced to completely ban the use of polythene carry bags from May 1, 2017 to conserve the environment?
Ans: ✓ Madhya Pradesh
Q−104 The HPCL and GAIL has signed pact with which state on January 27, 2017 to set up 40000 crore petrochemical plant in the state?
Ans: ✓ Andhra Pradesh
Q−105 How many Indian-Origin persons have been awarded the highest civilian honor of Australia for the year 2017?
Ans: ✓ Three
Q−106 Who among the following scientist has been selected for the 2016 National Geoscience Award for work in the field of geo-environmental studies in Applied Geosciences.
Ans: ✓ Dr. A Keshav Krishna
Q−107 The “Health for Humanity Yogathon” organized by the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh got recognition on its 10th anniversary from which country?
Ans: ✓ United States
Q−108 Which bank signed an MoU with agricultural equipments manufacturer Tirth Agro Technology Pvt Ltd on January 25, 2017 to boost agricultural financing to farmers?
Ans: ✓ Karnataka Bank Ltd
Q−109 In which city, the State Bank of India launched its wealth management product named “SBI Exclusif” on January 24, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Kochi
Q−110 What is the ranking of India in the annual list of Eight Great Powers of the year 2017 by American foreign policy magazine?
Ans: ✓ Sixth
Q−111 Name the payment gateway to be launched by the government for its BHIM app that will allow the user to transact using biometrics and Aadhar number?
Ans: ✓ Aadhaar Pay
Q−112 Which telecom company has bagged $500 million contract by Vodafone for deploying and expanding 4G network in the country?
Ans: ✓ Nokia
Q−113 What is the rank of India among 176 economies in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2016 released on January 25, 2017 by Transparency International (TI)?
Ans: ✓ 79
Q−114 How much amount of Fund of Funds have been announced by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for investing in Fin-tech Start-ups?
Ans: ✓ Rs. 100 crore
Q−115 What is the name of the month long Indian Naval exercise that began on January 24, 2017 to enable the Navy strengthen its inter-operability in complex environment?
Ans: ✓ Tropex
Q−116 Which electric utilities company inked an MoU with the UAE’s Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA)  on January 25, 2017 for cooperation in power sector?
Ans: ✓ Power Grid Corporation of India
Q−117 How many MoUs have been signed between India and UAE on January 25, 2017 to elevate bilateral ties to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership?
Ans: ✓ 14
Q−118 Who was the Chief Guest at the 68th Republic Day function held in New Delhi on January 26 2017?
Ans: ✓ Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Q−119 Which State has been ranked first in the Cashless India Scorecard by Walnut app released on January 26, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Gujarat
Q−120 Which state’s governor has resigned on January 27, 2017 facing sexual harassment charges?
Ans: ✓ Meghalaya
Q−121 Which company has announced its intent to acquire US money transfer company MoneyGram for USD 880 million?
Ans: ✓ Ant Financial
Q−122 The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully tested its Cryogenic engine ______ on January 25, 2017 in Tamil Nadu. 
Ans: ✓ C25
Q−123 Who among the following women cricket player was inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame on January 23, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Betty Wilson
Q−124 When is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day observed?
Ans: ✓ 27-Jan
Q−125 The Aditya Birla Group has decided to invest how much in next two years in the state of Andhra Pradesh to expand its existing business?
Ans: ✓ Rs. 7,000 crore
Q−126 Who has been appointed as the new governor of Arunachal Pradesh (additional charge) on January 27, 2017?
Ans: ✓ PB Acharya
Q−127 The General Anti-Avoidance (GAAR) Rule is scheduled to be effective from which date?
Ans: ✓ 1-Apr-17
Q−128 Which state government has inked an MoU with the French based Aerocampus Aquitaine to set up a world-class aero skills academy in the state?
Ans: ✓ Telangana
Q−129 As per the data released by the Ministry of Information Technology on January 27, 2017, till date how many banks have been linked to the Aadhaar-enabled payments system?
Ans: ✓ 119
Q−130 Which state organized Farmer’s Martyrs Day on January 27, 2017 at Patharughat in Darrang district for the first time to pay homage to the martyrs of the 1894 farmers rising at Patharughat?
Ans: ✓ Assam
Q−131 Who is the head of the reconstituted TOP Committee to identify and support potential medal prospects for 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games under the Target Olympic Podium scheme?
Ans: ✓ Abhinav Bindra
Q−132 Which animated character has been selected as the brand ambassador of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
Ans: ✓ Son Goku
Q−133 Scientists from which country have discovered an ancient insect preserved in amber, having its own specific order of existence?
Ans: ✓ United States
Q−134 The Chief of Army staff launched a Whatsapp helpline number on January 27, 2017 to address the grievances of army personnel. Who is the Chief of Army staff?
Ans: ✓ Bipin Rawat
Q−135 Who has been appointed as the new governor of Meghalaya (additional charge) on January 27, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Banwarilal Purohit
Q−136 Who has been appointed the new Vice-Chancellor of Nalanda University with effect from January 25, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Vijay Pandurang Bhatkar
Q−137 The Oil PSUs has signed an MoU with the Andhra Pradesh Government on January 27, 2017 to set up projects worth how much amount in the state?
Ans: ✓ Rs. 1.65 lakh crore
Q−138 Who among the following has been inducted into the 2017 Ophthalmology Hall of Fame by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS)?
Ans: ✓ Dr.Gullapalli N Rao
Q−139 Loan giving App CASHe has signed an agreement with which digital payment company on January 27, 2017 to enable its users deposit the loan amount in the digital wallet?
Ans: ✓ Paypal
Q−140 With which country’s Prime Minister, the US President Donald Trump held his first summit after being sworn in as the President?
Ans: ✓ United Kingdom
Q−141 The Central Water Commission (CWC) signed two separate MoUs with IIT Madras and IIS Bengaluru on January 27, 2017 to enhance the capability of the institute in assisting its DRIP project. Expand DRIP.
Ans: ✓ Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project
Q−142 What is the rank of Indian Think Tank Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in the Global Go to Think Tank Index under Asia category released on January 27, 2017 by the United State’s Lauder Institute?
Ans: ✓ First
Q−143 Which state government ratified the proposal of Bhutan on January 27, 2017 to set up of a Consulate General Office of the Royal Government of Bhutan in Guwahati?
Ans: ✓ Assam
Q−144 The cab hailing firm Uber has launched its two-wheeler aggregation service  UberMOTO  in which city on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Hyderabad
Q−145 The rating agency ICRA has predicted that the Bank Credit growth rate for the current fiscal year would float between _________ percent.
Ans: ✓ 5-6 Percent
Q−146 Which becomes the first country in the world to appoint ‘Digital Ambassador’ ?
Ans: ✓ Denmark
Q−147 Name the duo who won the Women’s Double title at the Australian Open 2017?
Ans: ✓ Bethanie Mattek-Sands /Lucie Safarova
Q−148 Who has won the Australian Open 2017 Mixed Doubles title?
Ans: ✓ Juan Cabal/Abigail Spears
Q−149 When is the National Immunization Day observed?
Ans: ✓ 29-Jan
Q−150 Who is the winner of the Men’s Double title at the 2017 Australian Open tournament?
Ans: ✓ John Peers/Henri Kontinen
Q−151 World Leprosy Day is celebrated on January 30 annually to commemorate the death anniversary of which famous Freedom Fighter?
Ans: ✓ Mahatma Gandhi
Q−152 Name the renowned Hollywood actor who starred in three Harry Potter films as Mr. Ollivander and died on January 25, 2017 at the age of 77.
Ans: ✓ Sir John Hurt
Q−153 Who won the 2017 Kolkata Marathon held on January 29, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Abul Hossain
Q−154 Who is the winner of the Men’s Single Australian Open 2017?
Ans: ✓ Roger Federer
Q−155 The US Scientists recently developed a Human-Pig Hybrid to develop human organ in animal for transplantation. What is the process called in which an organism contains the cells of two different species?
Ans: ✓ Chimera
Q−156 The Indian Navy has issued a Request for Information on January 17, 2017 to procure how many fighter aircraft from foreign suppliers for its aircraft carriers?
Ans: ✓ 57
Q−157 Deshpande Foundations is set to launch India’s largest startup incubation centre in which city of Karnataka by the end of September 2017?
Ans: ✓ Hubballi
Q−158 Serena Williams defeated which player to win the Women’s Single title in Australian Open 2017?
Ans: ✓ Venus Williams
Q−159 India’s foreign Exchange Reserve rose to ________ billion dollars for the week ending January 20, 2017, compared to previous week of 359.843 billion dollars.
Ans: ✓ 360.775 billion dollars
Q−160 A Personal Status and Inheritance Court for non Muslims would be set up in which country to ensure equal service to all sections of the society?
Ans: ✓ Abu Dhabi, UAE
Q−161  The India Meteorological Department has planned to set up Weather Stations in how many districts by the end of 2019?
Ans: ✓ 660 Districts
Q−162 Kambala Festival is a traditional Buffalo Race event annually organized in which Indian state?
Ans: ✓ Karnataka
Q−163 Centre has decide to spend how much amount in the development of 1253 km of road in Assam into National Highway?
Ans: ✓ Rs 15,000 crores
Q−164 Who has been appointed as the interim CEO of India Post Payment Bank (IPPB)?
Ans: ✓ A.P Singh
Q−165 Harvard Business School (HBS) is set to introduce the success story of which Indian digital wallet firm as case study to be taught within and outside Harvard?
Ans: ✓ Paytm
Q−166 Martyrs Day is observed annually on January 30, 2017 to commemorate the death anniversary of which great freedom fighter?
Ans: ✓ Mahatma Gandhi
Q−167 Emmanuelle Riva who passed away on January 27, 2017 was renowned personality in which field?
Ans: ✓ Acting
Q−168 Name the famous journalist who died on January 27, 2017 and was known to be the witness of Mahatma Gandhi assassination on January 30, 1948.
Ans: ✓ Devdutt
Q−169 Who is the winner of the Syed Modi International Grand Prix Gold women’s singles title on January 29, 2017?
Ans: ✓ P.V. Sindhu
Q−170 Who has been appointed as the head of the BCCI administrative committee by Supreme Court on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Vinod Rai
Q−171 Which Indian satellite deployed by ISRO has the capability to detect Farm Fires?
Ans: ✓ INSAT-3DR
Q−172 Who has been sworn in as the Chief of Delhi Police on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Amulya Patnaik
Q−173 The Atomic Clocks of which of the given satellite, belonging to NAVIC have developed a technical snag?
Ans: ✓ IRNSS-1A
Q−174 Who has been appointed as the United Nations in India Goodwill Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on January 27, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Ashok Amritraj
Q−175 Who has been appointed as the interim MD & CEO of the India Post Payments Bank by the government?
Ans: ✓ A.P Singh
Q−176 Who has been appointed as the new President of Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Dushyant Chautala
Q−177 Who has been crowned as the Miss Universe 2017?
Ans: ✓ Iris Mittenaere
Q−178 In Services Category, which participating contingent in the 2017 Republic Day parade was adjudged as the best by the Ministry of Defence?
Ans: ✓ Madras Engineer Group
Q−179 Kakinada SEZ Ltd (KSEZ) has inked agreement worth _________ crore with several companies to set up World Class Industrial Zone at the Kakinada SEZ in Andhra Pradesh?
Ans: ✓ Rs. 47000 crore
Q−180 Which Private firm has bagged the contract by the Ministry of Defence on January 30, 2017 to develop design and construct 14 Fast Patrol Vessels for the Indian Coast Guard?
Ans: ✓ Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd (RDEL)
Q−181 Future Generali India Insurance Company has entered into corporate agency tie up for its product with which bank on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Bank of Maharashtra
Q−182 US President Donald Trump has temporarily banned how many Non-Muslim Countries on January 27, 2017 from entering America?
Ans: ✓ Seven
Q−183 Which among the following agencies has launched climate change programme to assess the status, distribution and conservation of pheasants and finches in the Central Himalayas?
Ans: ✓ Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)
Q−184 On January 28, 2017, which state government decided to amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Bill, 1960 Act to legalize Kambala and Bullock Cart Race?
Ans: ✓ Karnataka
Q−185 India’s first multi-sports museum, Fanatic Sports Museum (FSM), has been inaugurated in which place on January 29, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Kolkata
Q−186 How many Grand Slam Singles Title have been won by tennis player Serena Williams?
Ans: ✓ 23
Q−187 In which state was the first edition of the North East Investors Summit held from January 29, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Meghalaya
Q−188 What is the estimated growth rate of the agricultural sector for the current fiscal year according to the Economic Survey 2016-17?
Ans: ✓ 4.1 Percent
Q−189 What is the name of the online Platform launched by the Income Tax Department (ITD) on January 31, 2017 to analyze deposits made during the demonetisation period?
Ans: ✓ Operation Clean Money
Q−190 When is the Raising Day of National Disaster Response Force (NDFR) observed?
Ans: ✓ 31-Jan
Q−191 Regarded as the Father of Pac-Man, which famous Japanese business tycoon passed away on January 22, 2017 at the age of 91?
Ans: ✓ Masaya Nakamura
Q−192 Who among the following is not a member of the committee formed by the Sports Ministry on January 30, 2017 to prepare an action plan for the next three Olympic Games?
Ans: ✓ Sachin Tendulkar
Q−193 Which star species was captured performing an unusual act of preying on its companion star by the space observatory ASTROSAT?
Ans: ✓ Vampire Star
Q−194 Where was the first edition of the National Entrepreneurship Awards 2016 function organized on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ IIT Delhi
Q−195 Who has been appointed as the head of the African Union Commission on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Moussa Faki Mahamat
Q−196 As per FICCI’s Economic Outlook Survey, what is the projected growth rate of India for the current fiscal year ending March 2017?
Ans: ✓ 6.8 Percent
Q−197 Which country has become the first in the world to pass a bill to completely stop investment in fossil fuel?
Ans: ✓ Ireland
Q−198 The US House of Representatives have passed a legislation to double the salary for which category of Non Immigrant Visa holder on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ H-1B
Q−199 The India Post Payment Bank has started its pilot services in which of the given cities from January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Raipur and Ranchi
Q−200 Mobile App Mission FINFIT has been launched by which bank in collaboration with Bangalore startup Fisdom to provide its customers an online platform to manage their personal wealth?
Ans: ✓ Lakshmi Vilas Bank
Q−201 Based on the Economic Survey 2016-17 report, presented by Finance Minister  Arun Jaitley in the Parliament on January 31, 2017, what is the estimated GDP growth of India for the current fiscal year?
Ans: ✓ 6.5 Percent
Q−202 Which start-up firm has launched an integrated accreditation and ERP technology solution to enable higher educational institutions to better manage their multiple accreditation standards?
Ans: ✓ E-paathsala
Q−203 The Ministry of Defence has planned to set up its Defence Unit in which of the following state at a cost of Rs. 1500 crore?
Ans: ✓ Madhya Pradesh
Q−204 The Apparel and Garment Making Centre has been inaugurated in which place of Meghalaya on January 30, 2017?
Ans: ✓ Ampati
Q−205 What is the total proposed budget of the Rail Safety Fund Rashtriya Rail Sanraksha Kosh?
Ans: ✓ Rs. 20000 crore

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